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Who we are

Digivo is a dynamic B2B company that specializes in empowering businesses to achieve their full potential in the digital landscape. As a portmanteau of “Digital Evolution, our brand signifies our commitment to driving transformative changes for our clients, helping them adapt and integrate new technologies, grow online, and achieve unparalleled scalability through digital platforms.

At Digivo, our mission is to be the catalyst that propels businesses into the digital era, enabling them to start their online journey, grow exponentially, and continuously evolve to stay ahead of the competition.

Digivo is more than just a service provider; we are your partners in success. Through personalized training sessions and expert consultation, we equip businesses with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital ecosystem confidently.

We have a keen interest in innovation and creativity, we are driven by our passion to help businesses and brands scale the digital landscape. With collective knowledge gathered by our brilliant team of tech leaders in different fields, we put together over two decades of excellent service to both individuals and rising companies. For us, there is no end to growth, nothing dies, it only evolves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the home of digital innovation across the globe and creative support to businesses and brands that like us, seek to always grow, without end.

Our Motto

Start, Grow, Evolve… The unending journey to consistent development

Our Mission

To provide digital solutions to businesses and brands that improve sales, generate revenue and positions clients where they seek to be

To help individuals and brands leverage available technology for growth and expansion

To support the development of technology and innovation in Africa and beyond

What Our Brand Represent

People often associate butterflies with evolution due to the remarkable transformation they undergo during their life cycle. The process of metamorphosis, from a crawling caterpillar to a beautiful winged creature, symbolizes the concept of evolution and the idea of change leading to growth and adaptation in nature.

Digivo with its tagline of Start, Grow, and Evolve perfectly aligns with Darwin’s Evolution Principle of Natural selection VISTA M. However, the process of evolution becomes useless when it is not seen, hence just like evolution is observable. Digivo operates to bring its clients into the observable frontlines of their respective TA and the digital technosphere.

Evolution, an eternal dance of change, crafts life’s narrative. From primordial beginnings to diverse complexity, it persists relentlessly, transcending time’s boundaries. Each mutation, selection, and adaptation etches the story forward, weaving the tapestry of existence. In this ceaseless journey, all life entwines, forging an unbroken chain of transformation.

Leadership Team

As a group, family means everything to us, as a family made up of individual experts, we formed digivo to build businesses and brands like our own families, with the objective to always help them start, grow and evolve. Meet the Family and learn more about each of us


Scott C Eneje


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Bibi M. Eneje


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Creative Director

Michael A. Eneje

Creative Director

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About Us

We are a digital solutions company driven by the passion to improve businesses through technology, innovation and creativity. Welcome to Digivo 

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