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Every member of our team brings a unique take to each client’s project and provides valuable service as well as beautiful products and/or service

Web Project Lead By

Scott C Eneje

As an established product leader and developer/designer. Scott leads all our web, mobile, and application projects. With an impressive clientele list, we pride ourselves in premium service to premium and high-profile projects.

Some of these amazing projects can be found on Rasheda Walker, E.A.T.O.W., Fajemirokun, and Savahomes. Etc

Animations Lead By

Michael Akachi Eneje

A passionate storyteller, screenplayer, and animator, Michael provides strong leadership in offering storytelling and animation services. Mike leads all our animation, VFX, and storyboarding projects. With an impressive roster of work, we pride ourselves in premium service and premium projects.

Some of these amazing projects are powered by our partner company TRIBE TEMPLE

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